Shaman Records presenta Various Artists Vol.9

2022-03-20 23:24

Shaman Records


Shaman Records presenta Various Artists Vol.9

Shaman Records presenta Roma SINCE 97



What are your values?

Honesty, Passion, Courage 


What are your flaws?

IMPATIENCE ha ha ha 


Your favourite song?

Urbanism (Nacho Scoppa) 


Your favourite music album?

Phil collins - Can’t stop loving you


Your favourite musician \ singer \ artist?

Be-Gees, Luis Miguel


Who inspired you?

Lexlay and Marco Carola


A ‘’quote’’ you'll never forget.

Ever tried, every failed, no matter, try again, fail again, fail better. 


An advice you will never forget.

Always trust in your heart


Your motto?

The energy that I have to put it in to my songs.


What would you have done if you hadn't been an artist?

Profesional tennis player.


What artists do you recommend to listen to?

Upcoming artist would be always my recommendation,  Nacho Scoppa, Tony Metric, Antonio Rec, Tomas Bisquierra, John Summit, and of course the legend Marco Carola


Your Favourite genre?

Melodic Deep Tech 


Three adjectives to describe your music.

Energy, Passion, Courage 


When did you produce your first track?



The track that you consider your "business card"

From the ones that have been released now: Ku-chaw 


The nightclub that changed your life?

Dinsmoor Guadalajara, Spybar Chicago and Prysm Chicago


Any advice to those who want to start playing?

My advice would be simple for All of those who are thinking of getting into the industry of music, get yourself a good manager people that support you and trust in your music. Always have a target and follow it, if you want to play on your favorite club, keep trying keep improving and reach your goal!