Shaman Records presenta: Hector Moralez

2020-09-16 13:30

Shaman Records

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Shaman Records presenta: Hector Moralez

Shaman Records presenta: Hector Moralez




Shaman Records presenta: Hector Moralez



Could you please tell us how  you passion for this kind of music was born?


I first heard the music as a young kid in middle school, the year was 1990: I’d listen to the radio latenight before bed as I got my things together for school the next day, 

I'd stay up and record this underground station called "Yo Mamas House" Steve Masters was the DJ.  This was my first exposure to the music I love dearly today. Looking back now that was a minute ago… crazy to think how much has changed.



There are any artists you take inspiration from? Do you remember the moment when you realised you wanted to become a dj?


I indeed take lots of inspiration from many things and different artist. My favourites are Derrick Carter and Ricardo Villalobos, I love them both, their styles are so classic, different, unique.. Musical gods in my eyes. 

For this reason I take a lot of joy watching and listening to them. They are timeless artist and love what they do and what they are doing for the industry. 


Thinking back to the day I realised I wanted to do this for the rest of my life, I was at a Sweet 16 party and watching the dj's there rock the party with the most current music, mixing it all up and doing it well.

I realised it then in that moment that this was something I would like to learn and become good at. It's been none stop since that night :)   



What are your future projects? Do you have any scheduled releases?


I'm not one for kiss and telling but yes I have a couple projects I'm working on and have just completed. I'll leak a few things for this interview.. Mainly been remixing and when I get a change I try to create some original stuff. 

Off the top of my mind I can say that I am working this summer on a release for Ekai from Barcelona new label 3/4 track EP. A remix for a friend Jon Lee from Seattle on Viva Music. 

I have a EP on Game Theroy called "Noisy Shyt" out this month with a (Ricardo Molinar Remix) a track called "Bounce Back Again" for this Food for Ibiza Comp called Giving which is put together by Stephanie Ghenacia and Greg OG.

A release with Demuir called "Days Into Rona" and many other collabs in the works with Louie Fresco, Sidney Charles, Sneak, Ray Okpara and Jason Hodges to name a few.

I've also started a new label this year called 16Bars with partner Destrada more info on that later in the year. We are getting things ready for the first release in the next few months. Our first release will be by Destrada. I'm excited for the EP to drop it's dope!

PS and a remix for you! Shaman! 


Could you recommend us some artists that you really like now a days? 


Damn everyone doing great stuff, like - Sakro, Chris Kiser, Rhamos, Mata Jones, Dirty Rice.. Honestly there are so many artist right now out they're doing amazing music.     


What would you say to young artist who wants to be part of this world? What would your advice be?


Stay true to yourself, work, stay focused and do you overall. Be open minded, get out there, make yourself available, network, collab. Relationships is key.. 

Market yourself it's important but don't be a buga boo. Create music that you feel you can play or hear artist you dig, play! Learn the music, like study other records you like and that move you. 



Could you give to our readers some advices concerning production?


Number one thing is finish from start to end everything you start to work on, get in the habit of it. This really helps with the process of completing your music and this also helps develop your style with arrangement and mixing.

Don't over think things when being creative, try to keep the sound raw and not over mixing your traks.. once it's finished get it mastered by a pro!


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