Shaman Records presents: Cary Crank

2021-03-31 10:00

Shaman Records


Shaman Records presents: Cary Crank

Shaman Records presents: Cary Crank

Shaman Records presents:

Cary Crank







Could you please tell us how you passion for this kind of music was born?


I've always been a techno fan, but also always a fan of pop music. When Melodictechno was born a few years ago, I was immediately convinced that both are possible together.


There are any artists you take inspiration from? Do you remember the moment when you realised you wanted to become a dj?


Yes, of course, many artists. I listen to a lot of music, including other styles. I often hear something that inspires me. But sometimes it's just the rhythmic noise of a tram that triggers something.

I've always seen myself as a musician and a producer. Sure, I’ve also djing at a friends party, but I never saw myself as a DJ. At some point last year I got more and more inquiries as to whether I could make Melodictechno DJ sets for radio stations eg. So I bought a Pioneer DDJ 1000 and got started. I now have a lot of fun, I am djing a lot in the studio and I'm happy when I can finally do it in public after this corona crisis.

What are your future projects? Do you have any scheduled releases?


Yes of course ;-)

01/17/2021 Gelbton - Vine (Cary Crank Remix) (Sunexplosion Records)

02/12/2021 Cary Crank - Dragonfly Dance (EP with two tracks) (Monkey League)

03/14/2021 Cary Crank - Wind Chimes (incl. Carsten Halm Remix) (Sunexplosion Records) 

And then there are two remixes and another release, for which I will get the dates soon. Right now I'm focusing on the Cary Crank project.

But I started a side project with a friend last year, so we’ll definitely release one or the other track and remix together this year.

Stay tuned!

Can you recommend us some artists that you really like now a days? 


At the moment, I really enjoy listening to Monolink, I love his voice.

What would you say to young artist that wants to be part of this world? What would your advice be?


Prepare for a very long time of practice. In my opinion it takes a couple of years of experience to produce really good tracks.


Could you give to our readers some advices concerning production?


Less is more. I’ts better to have one or two really cool sounds that stand for you and carry the track than pack too much sounds into one track. And always try to lower the EQ instead of increasing it!




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