Shaman Records presents: Dixmount

2021-05-26 10:00

Shaman Records


Shaman Records presents: Dixmount

Shaman Records presents: Dixmount

Shaman Records presents:







Could you please tell us how you passion for this kind of music was born?


My passion for this kind of music was born when i was just a little kid about 13 yo listening to music no matter what the genre is , But one time i stumbled on a cd in my brother's collection and that cd was containing some electronic music (a compilation mix of trance techno and house) i actually dont remember who the artist was but i just felt the need to know how to make it!
So i started watching tutorials i bought my first computer installed a DAW and it was on.
I learned everything from the internet on my own ( How to use a daw / Music theory / Djing / Instruments) it took time to develop but i find way better to learn on my own.

There are any artists you take inspiration from? Do you remember the moment when you realised you wanted to become a dj?


For my inspirations i ve been always focusing on house music and it's pioneers (Frankie Knuckles, Kerry chandler, Phuture, Traxmen) ...

But in those past 3 years i've been listening to a lot of Ebm and i stumbled on Nitzer Ebb, David Carretta and so many more and on a regular bases i listen to a lot of Techno agressive sounds but melo such as Julian muller, Introversion, Alignement.

It's a key moment, i just wanted to play in front of peoples since i knew about electronic music but being a dj and spining in clubs wasn't a good idea neither for me or my family except for my father and he is an artist Lotfi Abdelghaffar (Actor) we talked about it and he just supported me since then bought me my first conrtoller and kept on pushing me to create more , apart from family i have found support from my friends especially Ameur Chaali (Dj) , he just was there for me helping me to get booked mentoring me since day one.

What are your future projects? Do you have any scheduled releases?


The future projects are many but i have been working on a new project with a friend of mine and a very good producer aka Chris Tiller and we named it Veracity. We've been working on a debute Ep of 5 tracks that will be released early 2021.

The type of music will be purely techno, Acid or industrial, high or low tempo, but it's techno.

There will be plenty of relases in 2021 first of all on 22/01/2021 and it's my birthday by the way, a single called ''Speech abuse'' on 1980 records, an ep called "Controlled surrowndings'' containing two tracks on Down right dirty records, a single for 22/03/2021 on Technological records called "Solve coagula'', and another single on Eclipse Recordings called "Dance you hoes".

But i dont know exactly when it's going to be released maybe mid 2021.

Can you recommend us some artists that you really like now a days? 


On my playlist you will find artist such as " Otto titto, Acid hausmeister, Vatican shadow, Muslimgauze, and my favourite Narciss.

What would you say to young artist that wants to be part of this world? What would your advice be?


I am a young artist myself and i am living the struggle .
some people will say your music is  shitty, not that good, compare you to other artists. But hell with their words you do what you love, challenge yourself to be better in your own eyes!

The biggest fight is how to approve to yourself that you are good.


Could you give to our readers some advices concerning production?


I am gonna say less is more, just don't make it too complicated no need to layer too many sounds to be perfect if a single lead works instead of too many complex sounds, use one fucking lead.

Thank you!




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