Shaman Records presents: Davina Moss

2020-11-11 13:39

Shaman Records


Shaman Records presents: Davina Moss

Shaman Records presents: Davina Moss

Shaman Records presents: Davina Moss







Thanks for your time and welcome on Shaman Records Magazine:


Could you please tell us how you passion for this kind of music was born?


I started making music during the 2000s , at the time I was making psytrance ! Then, I moved in Ibiza and so I decided to change style and go with the flow of the island, which is House music.


There are any artists you take inspiration from? Do you remember the moment when you realised you wanted to become a dj?


Totally , I was in a party totally underground . As I heard an amazing Dj (who every time I listened to him was fantastic) I thought I could do the same, I felt it in my bones.


What are your future projects? Do you have any scheduled releases?


Yes I have a few releases coming up on SAVED RECS , Klaphouse records, Ibiza Talents  and a few others ones. 


Can you recommend us some artists that you really like now a days? 


I'm definitely a fan of Jamie Jones as many people! Nowadays there are so many incredible producers it's hard to choose! I  Give my head off to everyone. 


What would you say to young artist that wants to be part of this world? What would your advice be?


Just do it ! Be part of it ! Do it for love , do it seriously and be nice! 



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