Shaman Records presents: Marc Spieler

2021-06-30 10:00

Shaman Records


Shaman Records presents: Marc Spieler

Shaman Records presents: Marc Spieler

Shaman Records presents:

Marc Spieler






Could you please tell us how you passion for this kind of music was born?


Music is something very important in my life. Like my life is sliding through different sections also my music has different moods and different styles. I don´t want to sound similar in every release that maybe my fans get bored of my sound. I want to surprise, stay wild, free and sexy - not only in my sound!

There are any artists you take inspiration from? Do you remember the moment when you realised you wanted to become a dj?


This was just the way life wanted it to be. I never thought that I will become a fulltime artist. As it happened I felt it, gave it a try and now I am what I am - a fulltime artist in this crazy world. Most of my shows I play as a Saxophonist with DJs around the globe but mostly of course in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Seriously there are so many awesome artists out there who give me inspiration every day like for example NTO, Ben Böhmer or Stephan Bodzin. My advice is to always stay open to new music and also to the magic of life.

What are your future projects? Do you have any scheduled releases?


As I told before: I want to surprise, stay wild, free and sexy - not only in my sound! Furthermore I want to be wide and open in my music and also in my life. If something feels awesome, give it a try and don´t look back because the future is now!

My next scheduled releases in 2021 at the moment: January: EP on In Depth Tunes with remixes by Cedric Scheibel and Sebastian Fleischer Remix together with Krüger+Meyer for Vin Vega on Eisenwaren February: EP on Eisenwaren with remixes by Vin Vega and Chicha EP on Inner Shah with a massive remix by label boss Madd Rod. Followed by a huge load of fantastic tracks and remixes. Of course at least one EP on Shaman Black.

Can you recommend us some artists that you really like now a days? 


I think the electronic music scene was never blessed with so many awesome artists like it is nowadays. It is hard to pick out the cherries, but there are some really underrated acts out there like for example Rich Vom Dorf, Vamos Art or Cedric Scheibel who should get more attention.

What would you say to young artist that wants to be part of this world? What would your advice be?


There would be a lot of advices but the most important is: stay true!


Could you give to our readers some advices concerning production?


I have so many production tips and tricks but I will tell you my top three: 1. just do it 2. stay focused 3. stay open, wild and sexy!!!



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